Why you should upgrade your wastewater system

Why you should upgrade your wastewater system

Many industrial manufacturers looks at wastewater management as a sunk cost. This is a big mistake. Yes, they’re spending a lot of money in order to meet discharge limits but they also make the mistake of thinking that upgrading their systems would cost too much. This is also wrong. Whether it’s because they’re worried about price or where to begin, manufacturers are leaving a ton of money on the table by NOT upgrading their treatment systems.

Not only is this costing them money in terms of the more efficient operation of a specific system, but it’s also killing them when it comes to wasting energy, labor and assets that could be used more effectively almost anywhere else in their business.

This month, we’ve put together some reasons as to why if you’re a business owner, you should think about upgrading your wastewater system. Let’s jump right in!

Cut down on your chemical costs

Chemicals cost a lot. Not only do companies have to comply with local standards, they also find themselves preparing for worst case scenarios. They’re so worried about avoiding fines and penalties that they use too many chemicals in order to avoid risk. In the process, they’re running up a hefty chemical bill.

On the other end, we’ve seen companies that try to mitigate their usage and end up paying those fines. They try to save up front while costing themselves dearly in a few years. With a ton of technology options out there, these extremes can be avoided by utilizing automation to help manage and monitor chemicals for you. This way, you won’t be over or under buying. Some customers have said going digital saved them in upwards of 40% in chemical costs.

Better use of humans

Modern monitoring systems detect changes in things like corrosion rates, pressure and pH levels. They can even monitor the overall condition of the water. Not only does this greatly reduce the chances of human error, but it also allows businesses to catch issues with their wastewater treatment before they become costly issues. This means less downtime, fewer repairs and ultimately – a lot of cost savings.

Use and reuse

By upgrading your wastewater treatment systems, you can also cut down on how much water you’re using. Many industries like metal plating and finishing, food/beverage and the like require a TON of water. With recycling and treated wastewater, companies use almost five times less water and that cuts their water bills down significantly and helps them meet local sustainability goals in their communities.

If you’re looking to make upgrades to your wastewater treatment system, we can help. Give us a call and we’re happy to give you a free consultation. Good luck!

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