Lift Stations and Remote Monitoring: The benefits

Lift Stations and Remote Monitoring: The benefits

Lift stations are an integral part of the water purifying process. They clean out waste water and prepare it for treatment. Without them, it becomes almost impossible to recycle water.


As important as they are, they are also components of the wastewater treatment cycle that often go unmonitored or unsupervised until they have to be. That’s to say – people don’t care about lift stations until something goes wrong with them. And when something goes wrong – things can get expensive and fast.


With remote monitoring, companies are finding that they can head off potential issues with their lift stations before they become expensive, costly project-style repairs. Here are the major benefits that wastewater companies have observed when using remote monitoring.




The most important aspect of remote monitoring is that it will help you identify issues before they occur and more specifically – before they become visible. Each remote monitoring system will track things like temperature and the conditions of your tank and will notify you of any conditions that may potentially lead to other issues.


The biggest issue sewage and septic professionals encounter are almost always because of some underlying malfunction that they either weren’t able to notice or put off getting repaired. Remote monitoring keeps you well out ahead of small problem so that they don’t turn into bigger and more expensive ones.


Keeps you informed


Like we said above – the worst problems start somewhere – and that somewhere is usually some routine malfunction. But we’re big believers in that the problem starts earlier than that; that it begins with our attitude towards servicing our waste disposal systems and not getting ourselves into a frame of mind where ongoing maintenance is an unspoken thing we look for and think about every day. It’s making that mental framework a habit


Digital control and remote monitoring systems help you create that ‘habit’ by producing updates that include run time, water pressure, per and the like. Remote monitors will keep it’s eye on the lift station at all times for you – and give you reliable information so that you can act.

Like we said – ongoing maintenance and monitoring is as much a state of mind for operators as it is something they do. Remote monitoring and digital control panels simply make that process easier for them. If you’re interested in what our products can do for you, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Good luck!

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