Why you should use digital control panels to monitor your wastewater treatment systems

Why you should use digital control panels to monitor your wastewater treatment systems

While we wish things were different – the reality is that collecting wastewater and storm water are complex processes. And it seems every community is different, too. All of them come with their own series of downstream pipes, pumps and controls to help both clean wastewater and prevent it from polluting our communities.


That aside, the need to be able to monitor wastewater utilities means having the ability to monitor facilities in several locations at once. Municipalities need to make sure these pumps are working – all while balancing the need to respect and limit the use of public resources.


As such, many communities have turned to digital control panels to monitor wastewater systems, lift stations and the like. The benefits are numerous – from more efficient operations to better, more accurate reporting. Here are some of the reasons communities are benefitting from digital control panels in their waste water treatment infrastructure.


Supplementing weekly inspections


While most communities inspect things like lift stations – any number of things can go wrong between inspections. Having a remote monitoring system in place can help identify those issues and cut them off at the pass before they become a costly crisis. Additionally, they help reduce a whole boatload of costly overhead – including response times for overflows, flooding and other wastewater incidents.


Data logging


Especially in newer systems – data logging has become a vital component of wastewater management. These applications allow for the gathering of data and push it to the cloud – not just for reporting – but also for alarms as well. You can store years of data, allowing you to track usage, trends and identify issues that might be headed your way soon. It can keep track of maintenance, alarm history, specific equipment status and a whole plethora of things that can help communities improve the way they maintain their wastewater treatment services.


General notifications and verifications


Remote monitoring systems are a cost-effective way to monitor critical conditions at unattended pump stations. With even a simple app – you can receive information and alerts on power failures, pump status, tank levels, changes in pressure and temperature, malfunctions, flow and even security breaches. Digital control panels serve as your eyes and ears and can help you stay well ahead of any issues that might arise.


In addition, other users like having the ability to verify conditions and diagnose issues. These digital controls allow for third party ‘confirmation’ when there are issues that arise – helping make it easier for users to make their cases for improvements through data driven information.


If your community are looking at upgrading your digital control systems in your wastewater treatment facilities, then give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then – good luck!

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