Running a leaner wastewater treatment facility

Running a leaner wastewater treatment facility

Something a lot of folks don’t know is that electrically powered water pumps are one of the largest consumers of electricity in the world. In fact, it’s no contest. And those energy costs are also some of the biggest expenses that communities and private vendors take on when running their wastewater treatment plants.

Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about how digital controls can help turn this on it’s head and lead to a leaner, meaner and better functioning wastewater treatment facility – and how it can make a difference in your community. Let’s jump right in!

Managing demand

One of the bigger challenges for wastewater treatment facilities is that operating at one operating pressure and flow isn’t practical. Demand changes with consumer usage thanks to a ton of things – from the time of year to the time of day, even. Digital controls can help adjust the speed of pumps to match supply capabilities with demand. Not only that, but they can be pre-programmed to not only meet current demand – but also projected demand.

Gathering information

Not only will digital control panels help you manage demand, but they’ll give you a clearer picture as to what that demand actually is – almost precisely so. Imagine what your facility could do if seasonal and hourly trends could not only be identified, but also turned into actionable intelligence?

Heading problems off at the pass

Now imagine what you could do with that intelligence? Not only does this allow for better information on how to manage your facility, but it also can help catch potential problem areas before they become critical and costly crisis points. Not only that, but you can learn what needs to be done, to what degree it needs to be done – all in a clear, concise manner.

Better bang for everyone’s buck 

Digital control panels can save you an incredible amount of money in the long run. You’ll be able to manage demand, how much gets used and when, save money on maintenance costs, and have all the information you could ever want in order to run a wastewater treatment facility.

To learn more about how our digital control panels can make a difference in your facility, give us a call today.

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