How digital controls increase the lifespan of pumps

How digital controls increase the lifespan of pumps

Most digital control panels have alarms that alert operators when a malfunction occurs or whether there might be a problem or not. And while the preventative nature of the component represents it’s greatest value, it’s also just one of many benefits they provide.

One of the most valuable aspects of a digital control panel is that they extend the lifespan of pumps within your system, meaning you’ll have less maintenance and get more for your money. And when today’s public dollar needs to be stretched further than ever, this is an advantage worth it’s weight in gold.

Here are some of the ways digital control panels extend the life of a pump. Let’s jump right in!

Monitoring vibrations and pressure

One thing about auxiliary pumping systems is that even with digital alerts aside –they’ll give you some signs they are damaged or could potentially fail. Every machine operates at a certain level or pressure and has vibration characteristics. When pressure and/or vibration increases – it’s a signal you might have a problem.

Digital control panels have vibration sensors that measure vibration velocity, system pressure, water flow and the like. These systems can often pool all of your data into one place so you can compare current vibrations and pressure/flow levels to and entire recorded history and sample of vibrations and pressure/flow levels, allowing you to catch many of these blossoming issues early by noticing variations in trends.

Monitoring amperage and voltage

Any pump that runs 5-10% over current will ultimately overheat. They simply can’t sustain it. The damage from that overheating can be residual as well – as things like internals and permanent failures can occur. This reduces flow, cracks bearings, clogs lines and the like. Sometimes, though – those are the actual cause of the overcurrent, itself.

Anytime these over currents happen – digital control panels can detect them within milliseconds of the occurrence. Again – it’s this type of preventative power that can help address critical issues before they become catastrophes and in turn, this can dramatically extend the life of any pump system.

They protect themselves from well, themselves

The other great thing about digital monitoring that helps extend the life of pumps is that the digital controls monitor themselves. They log any and all activity that they, themselves engage in – so if there’s a place on your grid that goes down or seems uncharacteristically off – the system can be self-correcting. Alarm logs help to track these issues and keep the system up, running and dependable.

At the end of the day, it’s vital to keep pumping systems and stations running as efficiently as possible. A remote monitoring system that features integrated sensors can protect you against high-level events and also allows you to prevent major issues from becoming potential catastrophes.

Being able to predict pump failure and the ability to solve those issues will dramatically increase the lifespan of your pump and make your investment go that much further. Good luck!

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