All about septic control panels

All about septic control panels

So this month we’re going to stray off the beaten path a little bit and instead of talking about the usual, industrial-grade digital control panels we usually sell; we’re going to talk about another kind of digital control panel that’s becoming more prevalent in everyone’s daily lives: Septic control panels. 

Septic control panels are a valuable tool that helps a homeowner monitor the condition of their septic system and even in some ways – control a few of its functions. Today, we’re going to discuss why you should consider one of these devices for your home and some of the benefits of doing so. Let’s jump right in!

What kinds of panels can I get?

The type of panel you purchase depends largely on what you’d like it to be able to do. Some pumps can give you the basics – letting you know things like when water levels are too high or pumps are failing. Even at their most basic iterations – these pumps are valuable because they help you get way out ahead of any potential septic tank issues before they actually become a problem. 

Other panels however – can do all sorts of things. Some can manage fuses for the alarm circuit, serve as a breaker box for your pump and the like. Depending on what you want to buy and how confident and or capable you are of handling your tank – you can find a digital control panel that can likely do what you’re asking it to. 

Why you should buy one

There are three main reasons you should consider purchasing a digital control panel. 

  • If you’re someone who has trouble maintaining your septic system and would benefit from having control over your system’s functions.
  • If your septic system is located in a commercial property or is located in a facility where there are several residences (apartments, condos, etc) – a place where an error could be more costly than normal – you’ll want to purchase one. 
  • If you’re generally unfamiliar with how septic tanks work and want the heads up if there’s malfunctions

All in all, our recommendation would be that if you’re in a place where a potential septic tank failure could be a considerable risk to multiple people or businesses; there’s a reality that it could cost you far, far more than just an expensive septic tank repair bill. Or, if you’re new to all this, it’s good to have a built-in ‘cheat sheet’ of sorts. Either way, these tools may cost a little bit more money, but they will cost far less than any of those potential disasters would. 

If you’re interested in a digital control panel for your wastewater removal system, feel free to give us a call today and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process and offer you a free consultation. Good luck! 

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