Explaining digital control panels in plain english

Explaining digital control panels in plain english

Digital control panels are used in a variety of industries and come in an even wider range of applications. They’re used in industrial facilities, commercial spaces and in our world – with septic and sewer systems. But regardless of the industry – everyone’s chasing the same things when they install one: greater efficiency, reliability and flexibility. 

So what are digital control panels and what do they do, specifically? And how can they help your business or protect your home? That’s what we’re going to discuss today. Here’s a quick overview of what they’re all about and what you can expect should you choose to purchase one. 

What are they?

Long story, short – digital control panels are electrical devices that almost serve as a system controller. Basically, they regulate and control all the operation of the equipment and devices they’re attached to. 

They all have similar parts:

  • Analog to digital converters – that convert analog inputs into digital
  • Digital to analog converters – that convert the digital inputs into analog
  • Programs that link both inputs and outputs – that do a variety of things from signals, feedback, sensory input and the like.

From there, it gets interesting. They can store past input values. They can automatically generate output values. They come in a variety of sizes from large, stationary stations to small, desktop solutions. At the end of the day – they exist to do what you need them to do and almost all of them are some sort of customized solution. 

How they’re used

There’s no getting around it – digital control panels have completely changed the way large-scale industrial applications and wastewater treatment plants do things. For the sake of our industry – wastewater – they’re complete game changers. 

They allow for things like 24/7 monitoring of your systems – meaning you’ll always have an idea of where your water levels are, whether they’re too high or too low; whether there’s emerging or existing leaks. They help identify issues with your pumping system as well. Regardless – they’re a tool that can be used to be proactive about problems before they become actual issues. 

Perhaps even more important though – is the fact that they dramatically help users improve efficiency. They help mitigate water waste. They decrease the cost of maintenance. And they require less money and people to watch over them – which is also a significant cost savings. 

Digital control panels are a boon to a variety of industries including ours. If you’d like to learn more about how they can make a difference in your home, business or facility, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then – good luck!

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