Why remote monitoring is so important for lift stations

Why remote monitoring is so important for lift stations

Lift stations are a key asset that often gets overlooked when it comes to monitoring and maintaining the health of your sewer plant. But you simply can’t afford for this to be the case. In many cases, a lift station is your first line of defense; a critical component in your sewer system. 

They protect your customers from things like flooding, protect the environment from overflows and help you by preventing issues that could turn into a lawsuit that could jeopardize your business. In today’s day and age we need information as quickly as possible and leaving your lift station’s overall health to happenstance will create issues.

Here’s why remote monitoring is such an important asset for the health of your lift stations.

Protection of the environment

We all signed up for this business for a variety of reasons, but one of the primary reasons being that sewage systems protect our environment and communities. Protect is a vital word in there, because it’s all encompassing and applicable here.

Do you have an early warning system if something goes wrong? Is your building site protected? Can you find out what your wet well’s level is at a moment’s notice? Do you monitor your pumps for failure, run times, rotation and electrical usage? 

These questions aren’t about interrogating you, so much as they’re about you making sure that you’ve got the checks in place to make sure that your system is running safely. And the answers to all of these questions can be answered when you use remote monitoring in your system.

How do you know your system is really protected?

There’s never a good time for problems to happen and when they do occur, they’re usually at times where there isn’t someone readily available to be able to address it. Remote monitoring eliminates the worry associated with this because you’ll know that something isn’t working at 100% capacity way before an issue even gets to that point. That’s the beauty of it. 

Remote monitoring will help you get out ahead of issues that you’ll have with your lift stations. You’ll know when run times are off or that pumps might be showing signs of failure. You’ll know where water levels are at all times and you’ll be able to address issues when they begin to show themselves, not when they’ve fully manifested. And being able to have this information will help keep you and your business ahead of the curve. 

If you’re interested in what remote monitoring digital control panels can do for your lift stations, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then, we hope this blog will give you some things to consider. Good luck!

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