Remote monitoring: for more than just sewage treatment

Remote monitoring: for more than just sewage treatment

Wastewater treatment facilities don’t just process sewage. They treat waste water from a variety of places; places like food processing plants, for example. Any water used in any sort of industrial setting needs to be treated in order to ensure safety and quality before it comes in contact with our to-be food. 

In addition, in some of these other industries you have a myriad of federal, state and local guidelines to adhere to – meaning it’s not as simple as just cleaning the water itself. Because of this, any facility that uses water in its production line needs to be agile and able to act and react at a moment’s notice to any potential issues. 

That’s where digital control panels and remote monitoring comes into play. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the advantages these devices offer for wastewater treatment and why you should consider them as a solution for yours. Let’s jump right in!

Early notification and predictive maintenance 

One of the biggest benefits to remote monitoring is that it’s a low-cost way to provide immediate notifications of possible malfunctions that could lead to potentially harmful breakdowns. While many modern pumping systems include alarms with them – remote monitoring systems offer a data logging functionality that allows you to consistently track a pump’s performance over time. This allows users to forecast into the future in order to perform predictive maintenance and avoid unscheduled shutdowns altogether. 

Real time equipment updates

What people fail to consider at times, is that there can be a significant ripple effect if one aspect of your wastewater system begins to malfunction. If a pump stops and no one notices immediately, the malfunction could damage other equipment and even send untreated water into areas where it shouldn’t be. These alerts and data reports can help identify issues as soon as possible and in the process – saves lots of time and money in potential clean-up costs and production downtime. 

Even better – now with the cloud, users can check their system anywhere in real time -and even in some cases – right from a mobile device, tablet or computer. You can see the real-time status of multiple locations, access the reports whenever you want and track history. This can lead to system-wide performance enhancements. 

Data acquisition

Like we’ve mentioned above, remote monitoring systems are a treasure trove for data loggers. They can literally run tens of thousands of data points, dates and times; allowing the user to breeze through things like compliance and regulatory issues. All of your data will be stored in one place and you’ll be able to access it at any given point in time.

Water treatment plants do far more than just treat sewage these days – they perform a wide range of functions and as such – need solutions that can keep them working at all times. Remote monitoring systems and digital control panels can do just that. If you’re interested in what a digital control panel can do for your facility, give our professionals a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Good luck!

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