Remote monitoring: why it’s so important

Remote monitoring: why it’s so important

Lift stations are the unsung heroes of any sewer system or wastewater treatment system. They protect people from flooding, they protect the environment from overflows and whether you’re an individual or a company – they protect you from liability and unwanted lawsuits. 

Keeping lift stations up and in good, working order is vital to the health of your system. Monitoring them and maintaining them is a must. That’s where digital control panels come into play. 

Protecting what’s important

The whole point of wastewater treatment facilities is to protect people in a given community and prevent harm from coming to the local environment. It’s literally the whole point of their existence. Do you have an early warning system that will let you know if there’s something wrong with your lift stations? Do you know what condition your lift station’s wet wells are at a moment’s notice? Are you making sure that run times, pump failure, and current usage is being watched? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’ – then you’re at extreme risk for a costly failure at some point or another. 

Remote monitoring helps to identify these problems before they become issues. If the point of what we are doing is to protect the things and people around us, what are we doing to make sure we’re doing everything we can? Remote digital monitoring isn’t just something that is ‘nice to have’ – it’s there to help us protect the things that matter the most.

Are you prepared?

There’s never a good time for a problem. Especially when there’s no one there to help manage it. While we’re all aware of the consequences of not being prepared, are we aware of exactly how the scenario woul play out if things went south? Who would respond? How much would it cost? How would you diagnose the issue and how long would it take? What would be the problem and how long is it going to take in order to fix it? How will you communicate? What’ data will you base decisions off of?

Remote digital monitoring addresses most of these – and allows you to get out ahead of problems before they turn into issues – but even in the off chance they do become problems, you’ll have the data you need to assess the problem, the means to diagnose it quickly and the ability to address it and find a solution as soon as possible. 

Remote monitoring won’t solve all your problems – that’s impossible; but what it does do is serve as your eyes and ears on the ground when you can’t be there. A lead blocker that helps you identify underlying issues and save significant money and consternation dealing with issues with your wastewater treatment system. Are you prepared? If not, give us a call today.

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