What makes a great Digital Control Panel

What makes a great Digital Control Panel

Digital Control panels allow you to manage utilities and features of both hardware and software systems that help manage user interfaces, displays and more. The importance of their design cannot be understated. 

Today – we’re going to talk about some of the qualities that make a good digital control panel and why these aspects are so important. Let’s jump right in. 

Component layout

Layout is one of – if not THE most important quality to look for in a digital control panel. Components and the groups that make them up need to be organized in a functional and logical way in order for controls to operate at their best. For example – higher voltage elements should be located up at the top of a panel and lower voltage components at the bottom. Why? Because it reflects a hierarchy in schematics – making maintenance easier – but also making it easier to figure out where certain things could go in a prospective expansion. 


As is the case with any complex panel or system – proper labeling is a must. Power supplies, breakers, wires and other components should be labeled with abbreviated prefixes that identify them. This enables service professionals to more easily identify their groupings and troubleshoot them in the event there are problems.

Panel sizing

Any good industrial control panel – whether it’s for wastewater treatment systems or heavy industrial settings – should leave enough space between components horizontally and vertically – allowing you to add more terminals, distribution breakers and the like. If they’re overcrowded, they can cause undue heat concentration which can cause malfunctions. Vertical space should be utilized so that wiring can be properly located, channeled and organized. 

Hopefully today’s blog gives you some things to think about. A properly designed control panel can not only make for a more efficient facility – but one that’s built to grow and flourish as your business does, too.  If you are looking to add a digital control panel to your wastewater treatment plant, give us a call and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process. Until then – good luck!

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