What pump controllers do

What pump controllers do

Most people usually associate pump controllers with being a device that’s used to turn pumps on and off. That’s true – but it’s really only a part of the story. Most professionals use things like pump controllers to help minimize and prevent damage to the pumps themselves. 

In a way – they’re almost like your lifeguard. When something is not running as it’s supposed to – they’ll alert you to what the problem is. Additionally, they can minimize and prevent non-pump damage as well. They ‘see’ when something is amiss with your system’s day-to-day operation and react. 

Today, we’re going to talk about pump controllers, what they do and why they’re a valuable component of your septic system. Let’s jump right in!

Protecting your pump

The primary function of a pump controller is to protect the pump itself. Simply put – your pump is perhaps the most valuable component of your septic or wastewater system and keeping it running in tip-top-shape is a priority for anyone in either a large wastewater facility to a homeowner just hoping that their septic system is running as advertised. 

If water is disrupted (blocked filters, dry supply tanks, etc) and the system keeps running – it can do catastrophic damage to your pump, damage parts and perhaps even cause a total loss. Pumps will monitor all sorts of things in your system – from pressure, to control cycles, and the like. So when something goes wrong, these panels will simply shut your pump down and prevent it from causing further damage. 

By monitoring your controller, you can monitor these issues as they arise – allowing you to get out in front of them and prevent any glaring, expensive issues from happening with your pump. 

Protecting your system 

In addition to protecting your pump, pump controllers will help to monitor things like flow rate, blockages and the like. Using specially designed censors, the pump controller can see the changes in flow rates and pressure and will shut down a system before anymore damage can occur. 

When properly configured, they can also identify other problems as well. Things like broken valves, leaks or broken sprinkler heads can all be identified before they become costly problems. 

To learn more about how our pump controllers can make running your wastewater system more efficient – feel free to reach out to us today and we’ll be able to provide you with a free consultation. Until then, we hope you found this month’s blog helpful and we’ll look fo

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