How digital panels give wastewater treatment facilities an advantage

How digital panels give wastewater treatment facilities an advantage

A common misconception about wastewater treatment facilities is that they just process sewage – and to put it succinctly – that’s not true. Any kind of water used in any sort of industrial setting needs to be processed and treated in some way, shape or form. This  happens in regular manufacturing and even occurs in food processing plants. 

To boot – many of these facilities have to adhere to a whole swath of federal, state and local laws – meaning that the daily life at a wastewater treatment facility is about far more that simply treating water. Waterlines need to be well-monitored and at the least – be able to react at a moment’s notice to any potential problems that might arise. 

This is why digital monitoring and control panels play such an important role. Today, we’re going to discuss why this is and why facilities that deploy them are at a significant advantage. Let’s jump right in!

Early notification and predictive maintenance

We talk about this a lot on this blog – but the overarching benefit of all panels is that they save money by helping you to identify issues up front as they’re emerging and not after they’ve caused damage. Not only does this save money in repair and maintenance – but it covers a wastewater facility’s flank in terms of risk and any potential liability. Remote monitoring systems help to log data that allows you to also track pump performance over an extended period of time allowing users to forecast the future and be able to schedule out routine maintenance well in advance. This allows for better resource and manpower management. 

Insight in real time

A malfunctioning pump station can have a significant ripple effect on a wastewater system/facility. If the pump stops and no one notices immediately – it can cause damage to several other aspects of the system and even can result in untreated water making its way to destinations it shouldn’t. 

Digital control panels have alerts and data reports that can give you the heads up with regards to any abnormal activity in your system in real time. Much of this is stored in the cloud – so maintenance pros can monitor things from any mobile device and respond as quickly as possible. In addition to finding red flags – it can track inefficiencies in the system and places where flow can be improved, allowing for system-wide performance enhancements. 

Wastewater treatment facilities are complex animals these days – and therefore need high performance tools that can keep them working at all times and as efficiently as possible. Digital control panels are designed to do just that. If you’re interested in what one of our panels can do for your facility, give us a call today.

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