Digital Control panels: back to basics

Digital Control panels: back to basics

Digital control panels are used by a variety of industries and facilities and bring with them an even wider range of practical applications. You’ll find panels in heavy industrial facilities, in simpler commercial configurations and in our own world- wastewater treatment facilities. While they help all of these industries perform a wide range of functions, they all essentially meet the game goal: to operate with greater efficiency, reliability and flexibility.

So what are they and what do they do specifically? How can they help you and your business? That’s what we’re here to have a conversation about today. Call today a little ‘back to basics,’ if you will. Let’s jump right in.  

What’s a digital control panel?

Digital control panels are, well – exactly what you’d assume they are. They essentially regulate and control the operation of the equipment and devices they so happen to be linked to. In our world – it’s wastewater treatment facilities, sewage pumps and lift stations. In others, it’s heavy machinery, monitors and the like. 

By in large, you’ll find three main species of control panel:

  • Analog to digital panels – that take analog or manual inputs and make them digital
  • Digital to analog – that do the opposite
  • And panels that help link both inputs and outputs – allowing equipment to perform a variety of functions – from signaling and feedback to sensory input, etc. 

From there on out – digital control panels can turn into a little bit of a ‘choose your own adventure’ book. Control panels help store past inputs and values. They generate output values. They store and report information, signal that something might have gone wrong, some are big and some are small. At the end of the day – you can build them out to do whatever it is that you want them to do. 

How they work

Digital control panels have helped change a lot of things in terms of how wastewater treatment facilities and heavy industrial applications go about their business. They allow for things like 24/7 maintenance and monitoring – which means less staff that has to be in more places. They can monitor water levels, pump volume, they detect faulty equipment, leaks and malfunctions. In many cases – they can help address looming issues that have the potential to turn into a crisis. 

Digital control panels are remarkable tools that can provide your organization with a ton of value. If you’d like to learn more about what they can do in your wastewater facility – give us a call today. Until then- good luck!

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