Running more efficient wastewater treatment facilities

Running more efficient wastewater treatment facilities

There’s a lot going on in the world these days – from us rolling out of a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic to the first war on European soil in almost 75 years. And all these events have created a lot of instability in the world particularly when it comes to the cost of energy. Oil, gas, electricity – you name it – it’s all more expensive than it’s been in a long, long time. 

And do you know that one of the largest consumers of electricity in the world are Wastewater pumps. Yeah – you read that right – in fact if you look at line items in most communities – wastewater facilities cost a pretty penny. 

As such – facilities all over the country are trying to be more mindful about how they’re using their energy and are trying to run more efficient operations. Today, we’re going to talk about how digital control panels help manage this concern and are helping to create leaner, meaner, more efficient wastewater treatment facilities. Let’s jump right in!

The art of managing demand

Operating at one pressure  is next to impossible for a wastewater treatment facility. It’s primarily driven by consumer usage – from the time of year and even during certain times of day. Digital controls exist to help manage the speed at which pumps operate and can more accurately and efficiently match supply capability to demand. Even better – they not only do a better job to meet and manage your current demands – but they’re also capable of projecting out the demand in the future, making it easier to budget and plan. 

A whole new set of eyes

Digital panels help manage flow and demand but they’ll also give you a far more precise picture as to what is going on with your facility, how it’s used and where its inefficiencies may lie. This is more than just identifying and making you aware of seasonal/hourly trends. This is actual, actionable intelligence that you can use to improve the overall quality of your system.

Solving issues before they become problems

Now imagine what you can do with all this new information. Not only can you manage, project and identify inefficiencies, but you can also catch issues before they turn into overly costly problems such as component failure. Now you’ll know what needs to be done, when and what you’ll need to budget in order to solve the problem. 

All in all – digital control panels give taxpayers more bang for their buck. We all have to be more mindful of our energy consumption and even if energy consumption isn’t a driver for you – we’re all always looking for a way to do things smarter, better and faster – and digital control panels will do just that. 

To learn more about digital control panels and how they can make a difference in your community – give us a call today. Until the – good luck!

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