Additional benefits associated with digital control panels

Additional benefits associated with digital control panels

Digital control panels are mostly known for being able to alert operators when there are issues somewhere in their wastewater system. While the preventative nature of digital control panels are certainly their calling card – it’s only one of many benefits they can provide to operators. 

One of the most valuable aspects of owning a digital control panel is that they can dramatically extend the lifespan of pumps within your wastewater system – meaning there’s less maintenance and more peak performance. Naturally – this means more bang for your buck. Especially in a day and age where there’s more scrutiny over the use of taxpayer funds – this can be a huge benefit for communities. 

Today, we’re going to discuss a few of the ways a digital control pump extends the life of your pump and creates value for its users – let’s jump right in!

Keeping an eye on vibrations/pressure issues

Major malfunctions don’t usually just occur. There’s usually a buildup or they’re a result of other, smaller failures that continually build up and combust all at once. One of the best indicators that something bad might be right around the corner can be vibration and pressure issues. Issues a digital panel can pick up early. 

Digital control panels have vibration and pressure sensors that will monitor any and all activity in your system. They’ll pool the data from your day to day operations as well – so you can compare results when you need to. So not only will you be tipped off as to potential emerging issues, but you’ll also have the data on hand to learn more about the nature and severity of the issue as well. That only leads to a better, more precise plan to address the problem. 

Voltage, amperage and the like

If a water pump runs 5-10% over electrical current, then it will ultimately overheat and eventually fail. And the problem doesn’t stop there – oftentimes, it can completely snowball. Overheating can lead to flow issues, cracked bearings, clogged lines and the like. What can be even more frustrating is that the issues caused but overcurrent can actually be what causes the overcurrent as well! As they say – it’s a vicious cycle!

Any time an overcurrent occurs – digital panels will detect them within milliseconds of their occurrence. When we talk about getting ahead of issues before they become emergencies – this is what we’re talking about! You’ll get flagged – you’ll know where, why, when and how these issues occurred and will be able to address the situation immediately. 

Protecting your wastewater system from itself

Maybe the best secondary benefit of wastewater pumps is their ability to self correct. Meaning they’ll solve many issues or address them without you having to do anything. If there’s an area of your grid that is off or goes down, the system can self-correct itself. They’ll log in alarm logs so that you’ll be in the know but in many ways – you won’t have to worry about a thing. 

Keeping pumping stations running efficiently is vitally important for a whole host of reasons. Remote digital monitoring can protect you from high-level emergencies and allows you to both prevent major issues and keep a more consistent overall performance. If you’d like to learn more about how they can help your wastewater system, give us a call today. Until then – good luck!

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