Protecting your pump stations the right way

Protecting your pump stations the right way

Right off the top – the greatest overall benefit to digital control panel users is the system’s ability to alert operators to malfunctions before they turn into significant problems. Most humans are risk-averse by nature and while the preventative posture of digital control panels represents one of its greatest benefits, it’s only one of the many they provide. 

The other major benefit is how they extend the lifespan of all the various components they touch. In today’s blog – we’re going to be talking more specifically about pumps – and how these panels will help you get more for your money. In today’s world – the public’s dollars need to be stretched as far as possible and in this particular instance, panels are worth their weight in gold. Let’s learn why!

Good vibrations?

The one thing about auxiliary pumping systems is that even without digital control panels – they’ll do a pretty good job of letting you know that something is amiss. Because these systems come under so much pressure, they often have a certain level of vibration characteristics. When that pressure and vibration gets more pronounced, it could be a red flag that you could have problems on the horizon. 

Digital control panels however – will help you interpret more precisely what these vibrations actually mean. They measure vibration velocity, system pressure, water flow and other aspects. In addition – they can pool the pump’s data into one place, enabling users to cross-compare results to past performance. If there is an issue, you’ll be able to tell. 

It’s electric

Most lift station operators will tell you – if a pump station is running 5-10% over current, it’s going to overheat. Pumps simply aren’t built to sustain it. Overheating can cause a significant degree of runoff to other components as well – leading to other failures throughout the system. Clogged lines, reduced flow and cracks within bearings can all happen. 

The great thing about digital control panels is that anytime overcurrents occur – digital panels will pick them off within seconds. Sometimes even milliseconds. This is the kind of preventative power that can save public wastewater systems from catastrophe. 

Protecting you by protecting themselves

Digital monitoring helps extend your auxiliary pump’s life by, well – monitoring themselves. Digital control panels log everything and anything that happens in your wastewater treatment facility – meaning that you’ll have real time data at your fingertips to address anything that might seem uncharacteristic. You can even project out the timing of potential issues in the future through things like alarm logs. 

The most important thing for the public trust is to make sure pumping stations and systems are running as well and as efficiently as possible. Remote monitoring systems protect your pumps against high level events and prevent costly catastrophes. Not only will this help you save  money avoiding disaster – but it’ll stretch your dollars more by increasing the life cycle of each o the components in your system. 

If you’d like to learn more about what digital control panels can do for your systems, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then – good luck!

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