How digital control panels make a difference in your community

How digital control panels make a difference in your community

A little known fact out there is that electric water pumps are some of the largest actual consumers of electricity in the world. And what’s the biggest expense that most communities in the US face? Energy costs. And where are electric water pumps used the most? Wastewater treatment plants.

Today, we’re going to talk about how digital control panels can save not only energy – but entire communities a lot of money by helping managers run a more efficient operation. Let’s jump right in!

Dealing with demand

One of the biggest challenges wastewater treatment facilities deal with is managing demand. Trying to identify how much pressure to use and balancing it with flow isn’t just difficult – it’s not even practical. Demand changes over time, sometimes day to day and even seasonally, etc so there’s almost too much up and down to be able to manage manually. Digital controls however, can help monitor that usage and model these usage rates and can be pre-programmed to not only meet demands of the day – bur also projected demand in the future which helps save countless dollars.

Gathering data

Like we said above – one of the bugaboos of running a wastewater treatment facility is grappling with usage and demand. Digital control panels gather data over an extended period of time and over time will further refine it projection modeling. Not only will this give managers a far more precise picture as to what their usage rates are, demand will be managed for them, exactly. While this is great for trimming the fat and saving money – it also helps usage become more predictable, making it easier to budget every fiscal year.

Solving problems before they become problems

Modeling and projections aren’t the only problems a digital control panel can fix. They can also help cut down on maintenance costs by identifying inefficiencies in your system where there may be some sort of failure. This helps facilities not only find problems before they become them, but what comes along with that is the cost savings. What would end up costing a facility in repair cost and downtime now only comes at the cost of some added maintenance.

We hope you found today’s blog helpful To learn more about how our digital control panels can make a difference in your facility, give us a call today. Until then- good luck!

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