The hidden benefits of digital control panels

The hidden benefits of digital control panels

Many of the benefits of digital control panels are fairly well known. Automation, accuracy, and the ability to identify issues before they become serious problems are just a few. However, there are other, under-the-radar benefits that wastewater facility staff often overlook when considering what kind of panel to get – some of which we’re going to discuss here today. 

Here are some hidden benefits of digital control panels that you might not know about. Let’s jump right in.

Some panels can be customized

Every wastewater system is different. Some are older and more complex while others are smaller, simpler and more modern. Whatever your needs might be, you can get a control panel that is designed to meet your needs. This will help you run a more cost-effective and efficient wastewater system.

Built to last

Most digital control panels are weatherproof- meaning they can operate indoors, outdoors and brave the elements. They won’t rust, they won’t get damaged and are designed to deal with some of the more challenging environments. That way when you make your investment – your know it’s built to last. 

In addition, digital control panels are hazard-proof. You won’t have to worry about electrical shocks, fires and shot circuits. They’re safe to work around, are dependable and will operate worry-free.

Simplified process

Not every wastewater system operates evenly – meaning certain parts of the grid may be more demanding than others. For operators, you’ll be able to design and organize the process control of several different operations – which means you can really get the most out of every single aspect of your system and operate at maximum efficiency. This means significant cost savings and the elimination of waste. 

Minimal maintenance

Not only will digital control panels help cut down on maintenance costs on your wastewater system; they will save you maintenance on well, themselves. The only real, meaningful maintenance you’ll have to be concerned with is changing settings and recalibrating them when you so choose to do so. Outside of that, you’ll have very little to worry about in terms of upkeep.

As you can see, digital control panels come with a wide range of benefits – even beyond the ones you commonly read about. To learn more and about what our panels can do for you, feel free to reach out to us today. Until then, good luck!