Lift station and pump station monitoring: the basic questions

Lift station and pump station monitoring: the basic questions

Lift stations are some of the most important components of a wastewater treatment system – whether it’s residential or commercial. Monitoring them and keeping them well maintained is essential not only to keep things functioning well, but to also avoid any potential hazards. 


Today, we’re going to talk about a few of the frequently asked questions we get when it comes to lift station monitoring and maintenance. Let’s jump right in. 


How often should I perform maintenance on my lift station?

The honest answer here is that it really depends on the size and scope of the lift station and the pumping station writ large. For larger stations and systems – they should be inspected weekly and more detailed, thorough maintenance conducted monthly. Also the help of digital control panels can also help give you a better sense of where your station is at and how needy it’ll be.

Can I perform DIY maintenance tasks on my own?


There are a few things that can be done on your own; but when it comes to anything sewage, septic or otherwise – there’s a great deal of risk associated with doing things on your own. We’re not even just talking about mechanical failures and errors – we’re talking about the fact that you’re dealing with sewage and wastewater. Our advice in these situations is to always try to leave it to the pros. 


How can I make sure my pump station is safe?

The three best things you can possibly do are #1 be sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and specs. Anything you decide to do – be sure you’re doing it to the letter of the law and using only the specific, precise tools for the job. #2 – invest in a digital control panel. They’re automated and can tell you exactly where your system is at and even identify irregular activity that could indicate a blossoming problem before it becomes a disaster. #3 – just to the smart thing – invest in a regular maintenance program.


What are the benefits of a regular maintenance program?

The biggest thing is that you’ll have pros working on your lift station. YES, this’ll cost you a little extra, but compared to the cost of a catastrophe – it’s peanuts. This way you’ll know your lift station is operating at peak performance and that you’re essentially extending the lifespan of your investment. 


If you’re interested in digital control panels or lift station monitoring, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help. Until then – good luck!