Common issues with lift station management

Common issues with lift station management

In order to provide safe and sanitary water – wastewater systems depend heavily on lift stations to be able to help them carry out their function. These pumps are the heart of every water treatment system and without them – they can’t do their job.  While these are great tools, they’re often complex and different […]

Remote monitoring: for more than just sewage treatment

Wastewater treatment facilities don’t just process sewage. They treat waste water from a variety of places; places like food processing plants, for example. Any water used in any sort of industrial setting needs to be treated in order to ensure safety and quality before it comes in contact with our to-be food.  In addition, in […]

Why remote monitoring is so important for lift stations

Lift stations are a key asset that often gets overlooked when it comes to monitoring and maintaining the health of your sewer plant. But you simply can’t afford for this to be the case. In many cases, a lift station is your first line of defense; a critical component in your sewer system.  They protect […]

How remote monitoring extends the life of your pumping system

With most modern pump systems – you’ll find that they have alarms that let operators know when there’s some sort of issue. That being said – digital control panels are an even better way of making sure things don’t go wrong in the first place. Integrating the right remote monitoring system with the right sensors […]

Explaining digital control panels in plain english

Digital control panels are used in a variety of industries and come in an even wider range of applications. They’re used in industrial facilities, commercial spaces and in our world – with septic and sewer systems. But regardless of the industry – everyone’s chasing the same things when they install one: greater efficiency, reliability and […]

All about septic control panels

So this month we’re going to stray off the beaten path a little bit and instead of talking about the usual, industrial-grade digital control panels we usually sell; we’re going to talk about another kind of digital control panel that’s becoming more prevalent in everyone’s daily lives: Septic control panels.  Septic control panels are a […]

Water systems and COVID-19

Truth be told, it’s been a challenge for everyone as we adjust to the new normal during this COVID-19 pandemic. As things have moved along, we’ve developed a new appreciation for the doctors, nurses and medical staff who’ve put themselves in harm’s way to help save lives.  And in other cases, we’ve learned to appreciate […]