Running more efficient wastewater treatment facilities

Running more efficient wastewater treatment facilities

There’s a lot going on in the world these days – from us rolling out of a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic to the first war on European soil in almost 75 years. And all these events have created a lot of instability in the world particularly when it comes to the cost of energy. Oil, gas, […]

Digital Control panels: back to basics

Digital control panels are used by a variety of industries and facilities and bring with them an even wider range of practical applications. You’ll find panels in heavy industrial facilities, in simpler commercial configurations and in our own world- wastewater treatment facilities. While they help all of these industries perform a wide range of functions, […]

Sewage sump pumps and what goes into maintaining them

Sewage sump pumps have a very different purpose than your typical, at-home basement sump pump. Traditional pumps are merely designed to directly storm water from your home. By in large, they’re not equipped to handle solids.  Sewage sump pumps however- work with your septic system to help handle the discharge of wastewater from your home. […]

Why lift station monitoring is so important

It’s no secret that systems for collecting wastewater are becoming increasingly complex. Pipes, pumps and controls all weave together to form an intricate network that help dispose of waste and protect our environment.  Lift stations are an incredibly important part of these systems. They move waste water from low ground to high ground to keep […]

Do you need a septic digital control panel?

Septic control panels are becoming more popular than ever. While much of the focus here and in other circles centers mostly on your industrial-grade, high-use panels; digital control panels are becoming more of a staple when it comes to both commercial and residential-use septic systems.  Both business and homeowners know what they know – and […]

What’s protecting your lift station?

Lift stations are some of the most important components of a wastewater treatment system and critical to its overall health. Many times, its importance gets overlooked and you shouldn’t fall into that trap. Lift stations are often the first line of defense for a sewage system and today we’re going to talk about how remote […]

How digital control panels reduce risk

Especially thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, waste water systems are being taxed more and more. More people are at home and as a result pumping stations all over the country are dealing with a myriad of challenges in terms of trying to stay in good working order.  Utilities all over the country are reporting frequent […]

Why pump controllers are such a boon for wastewater lift stations

Sewage systems for collecting and managing wastewater and stormwater are incredibly complex. There’s a lot that goes into making sure none of the aforementioned gets into our ponds, lakes, rivers, streams and water supply.  As such, lift stations and pump controllers are a vital component of these systems. They help move wastewater from a lower […]