How do I know I’m looking at a high-quality digital control panel?

All about residential digital controls: should you buy one?

Digital control panels are about as popular as they’ve ever been and while so much of the focus here and elsewhere is on your industrial grade panels – digital control panels are now also becoming increasingly popular in the residential sector, too. More, now than ever – they’ve helped people better manage their lift stations […]

How digital control panels make a difference in your community

A little known fact out there is that electric water pumps are some of the largest actual consumers of electricity in the world. And what’s the biggest expense that most communities in the US face? Energy costs. And where are electric water pumps used the most? Wastewater treatment plants. Today, we’re going to talk about […]

Protecting your pump stations the right way

Right off the top – the greatest overall benefit to digital control panel users is the system’s ability to alert operators to malfunctions before they turn into significant problems. Most humans are risk-averse by nature and while the preventative posture of digital control panels represents one of its greatest benefits, it’s only one of the […]

When its time to overhaul your lift stations

If you want to see a town/municipal employee go crazy about something – just watch what happens when they have to deal with reoccurring issues with specific pieces of equipment – particularly when it comes to wastewater management. It get old and fast! Every time you clear a plug, every time you burn fuel and […]

Additional benefits associated with digital control panels

Digital control panels are mostly known for being able to alert operators when there are issues somewhere in their wastewater system. While the preventative nature of digital control panels are certainly their calling card – it’s only one of many benefits they can provide to operators.  One of the most valuable aspects of owning a […]

Running more efficient wastewater treatment facilities

There’s a lot going on in the world these days – from us rolling out of a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic to the first war on European soil in almost 75 years. And all these events have created a lot of instability in the world particularly when it comes to the cost of energy. Oil, gas, […]

Digital Control panels: back to basics

Digital control panels are used by a variety of industries and facilities and bring with them an even wider range of practical applications. You’ll find panels in heavy industrial facilities, in simpler commercial configurations and in our own world- wastewater treatment facilities. While they help all of these industries perform a wide range of functions, […]

Sewage sump pumps and what goes into maintaining them

Sewage sump pumps have a very different purpose than your typical, at-home basement sump pump. Traditional pumps are merely designed to directly storm water from your home. By in large, they’re not equipped to handle solids.  Sewage sump pumps however- work with your septic system to help handle the discharge of wastewater from your home. […]