What pump controllers do

What pump controllers do

Most people usually associate pump controllers with being a device that’s used to turn pumps on and off. That’s true – but it’s really only a part of the story. Most professionals use things like pump controllers to help minimize and prevent damage to the pumps themselves.  In a way – they’re almost like your […]

What makes a great Digital Control Panel

Digital Control panels allow you to manage utilities and features of both hardware and software systems that help manage user interfaces, displays and more. The importance of their design cannot be understated.  Today – we’re going to talk about some of the qualities that make a good digital control panel and why these aspects are […]

Remote monitoring: why it’s so important

Lift stations are the unsung heroes of any sewer system or wastewater treatment system. They protect people from flooding, they protect the environment from overflows and whether you’re an individual or a company – they protect you from liability and unwanted lawsuits.  Keeping lift stations up and in good, working order is vital to the […]

Why remote digital monitoring is so important to lift stations

Wastewater collection systems are complex. From downstream pipes, to pumps and control – there are a variety of components that work in consort to prevent wastewater from entering our freshwater ponds, lakes, rivers and streams.  Lift stations are one of the most important components of those systems. Lift stations move wastewater from lower to higher […]

What makes a well-designed digital control panel?

The importance of your control panel’s design is something that can never be understated. At a point – it’s going to be your quarterback – allowing you to manage a variety of utilities and features that will help your water treatment plant work the way it’s supposed to.  Today, we’re going to talk about what […]

How digital control panels optimize wastewater treatment

Why do wastewater treatment plants use digital control panels?  One answer is that these systems can give managers eyes in their wastewater treatment plants that they never had before – whether it’s sub-metering, data collection or remote monitoring. Why is this? Because most wastewater plants have systems that are old – sometimes dating as far […]

Maintaining lift stations

Many businesses ignore lift stations entirely until they start to malfunction. This is a mistake. These devices are a critical part of any sewage or drainage system and help keep plumbing and sewage disposal systems working around the clock. Even if they’re down for a few hours, well – let’s just say it isn’t enjoyable! […]

Common issues with lift station management

In order to provide safe and sanitary water – wastewater systems depend heavily on lift stations to be able to help them carry out their function. These pumps are the heart of every water treatment system and without them – they can’t do their job.  While these are great tools, they’re often complex and different […]

Remote monitoring: for more than just sewage treatment

Wastewater treatment facilities don’t just process sewage. They treat waste water from a variety of places; places like food processing plants, for example. Any water used in any sort of industrial setting needs to be treated in order to ensure safety and quality before it comes in contact with our to-be food.  In addition, in […]

Why remote monitoring is so important for lift stations

Lift stations are a key asset that often gets overlooked when it comes to monitoring and maintaining the health of your sewer plant. But you simply can’t afford for this to be the case. In many cases, a lift station is your first line of defense; a critical component in your sewer system.  They protect […]