Explaining digital control panels in plain english

Explaining digital control panels in plain english

Digital control panels are used in a variety of industries and come in an even wider range of applications. They’re used in industrial facilities, commercial spaces and in our world – with septic and sewer systems. But regardless of the industry – everyone’s chasing the same things when they install one: greater efficiency, reliability and […]

All about septic control panels

So this month we’re going to stray off the beaten path a little bit and instead of talking about the usual, industrial-grade digital control panels we usually sell; we’re going to talk about another kind of digital control panel that’s becoming more prevalent in everyone’s daily lives: Septic control panels.  Septic control panels are a […]

Water systems and COVID-19

Truth be told, it’s been a challenge for everyone as we adjust to the new normal during this COVID-19 pandemic. As things have moved along, we’ve developed a new appreciation for the doctors, nurses and medical staff who’ve put themselves in harm’s way to help save lives.  And in other cases, we’ve learned to appreciate […]

How digitization maximizes a pump station’s performance

Without a doubt – one of the biggest challenges that the wastewater industry faces today is energy management. Pumps are the largest consumers of electrical energy, full stop and they’re often the biggest liability that wastewater managers deal with each year. And make no mistake about it – it’s not an easy problem to solve. […]

How digital controls increase the lifespan of pumps

Most digital control panels have alarms that alert operators when a malfunction occurs or whether there might be a problem or not. And while the preventative nature of the component represents it’s greatest value, it’s also just one of many benefits they provide. One of the most valuable aspects of a digital control panel is […]

How to tell if your lift station needs rehabilitation

Nothing drives town and municipal staff like reoccurring issues with specific equipment – and particularly when it comes to sewage and lift stations. And to be honest – we feel their pain! It gets old, quick. It seems like every time you head out to clear a plug, you’re burning fuel and manpower hours that […]

Running a leaner wastewater treatment facility

Something a lot of folks don’t know is that electrically powered water pumps are one of the largest consumers of electricity in the world. In fact, it’s no contest. And those energy costs are also some of the biggest expenses that communities and private vendors take on when running their wastewater treatment plants. Today, we’re […]

Remote monitoring makes a difference

Generally speaking, wastewater pump stations and lift stations are difficult to monitor – particularly when they’re located in challenging locations and areas. Despite this, system officers monitor these systems and help ensure that things like energy consumption, pump failures and pump temperatures are kept under control. For the most part. But there are ways to […]