Three components that will help you get more out of your digital control panel

All about digital control panel safety

One of the most important aspects of owning a digital control panel is making sure it’s safe to use. It’s not like you have to worry about it exploding or something, here; but when things are off, or there’s a malfunction – it can cause a ton of damage to your system and if they’re […]

The hidden benefits of digital control panels

Many of the benefits of digital control panels are fairly well known. Automation, accuracy, and the ability to identify issues before they become serious problems are just a few. However, there are other, under-the-radar benefits that wastewater facility staff often overlook when considering what kind of panel to get – some of which we’re going […]

Underrated advantages of lift station monitoring

Lift stations are almost always commonly overlooked when it comes to plant process monitoring when it absolutely shouldn’t be. Really when you think about it – lift stations should be first priority as they’re essentially your best line of defense in a wastewater system. The protect customers from flooding, reduce environmental risk and prevent overflows.  […]

Digital Control panels and agriculture

While digital control panels have found a real niche in wastewater treatment and lift station operations; we’re finding that they’re beginning to branch out into other industries – namely clean and green initiatives.  One of the more interesting places they’re finding traction is in farming and renewable food sources. Drought, urbanization and a wide range […]

Protecting your pump stations the right way

Right off the top – the greatest overall benefit to digital control panel users is the system’s ability to alert operators to malfunctions before they turn into significant problems. Most humans are risk-averse by nature and while the preventative posture of digital control panels represents one of its greatest benefits, it’s only one of the […]

When its time to overhaul your lift stations

If you want to see a town/municipal employee go crazy about something – just watch what happens when they have to deal with reoccurring issues with specific pieces of equipment – particularly when it comes to wastewater management. It get old and fast! Every time you clear a plug, every time you burn fuel and […]